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Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and find out a little more about sponsoring a class in one of our monthly shows.


Our sponsors so far have given us great feedback saying they really enjoyed the experience and felt that their sponsorship had benefitted their business by getting them in front of pet owners & new clients and creating new opportunities for increasing their sales.


So, How does it work?

  • We like to keep things as simple as possible - your business simply donates a prize to the 1st place winner in the class you sponsor (you may choose to supply prizes for lower placings at your discretion but there is no obligation to do so!)

  • You will need to send the prize(s) directly to the winner and will be provided with their address details after the close of judging for that month.

  • The type / value of the prize is entirely up to you!

  • Prizes offered so far include gift vouchers, discounts for online sales, dog toys and pet treats etc. 

  • The choice is entirely up to you but will obviously need to be suitable for the type of animal winning the class.

  • We find that many of our sponsors also like to judge 'their' class as well which we actively encourage!

  • Long-term sponsorship of classes has the added advantage of us being able to add your business details to the rosettes for your class giving you even more exposure to new clients!!

  • We require a minimum 3 month commitment from you so our entrants have continuity.

  • We ask that whilst you are a sponsor for us you do not set up and run your own online pet show.

  • We also take plaguarism very seriously and hold liability / copyright insurance to protect our ideas.


In return for your sponsorship your business name and details will be added to the website and the Facebook page naming you as one of our sponsors. We also use Twitter & Instrgram to reach as many potential new clients as possible


We will regularly tag your business on social media to promote you and we will add regular sponsor’s names to the rosettes to give you maximum, long lasting exposure to potential new clients.


We are now into our 25th month of running and have seen a real growth in our clients with over 300,000 views on our Facebook page and over 550,000 hits on our website.


Entries into our October show were well over 600 and are expected to keep growing as we become more widely known.


Each month our clients choose one animal related charity and we hold a class specifically to raise money for that charity. So far we have raised over £1000 for animal charities!


Our target market is massive and really is anybody who owns a pet and enjoys taking photos of it!


We have no upper or lower age limit for our clients and we are a family friendly site.


People love to take photos of their pets and share them on social media and we are giving them a way to proudly show off their potential ‘Best in Show’ to the world and win some fantastic rosettes along the way!


In case you havn't seen it yet we also have a Facebook page which we would encourage you to visit. This is where most of our interaction with our clients happens and really is good fun!


If you would like any more information or would like to discuss any aspect of our show then please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing or by sending a private message to our Facebook page.





Would you like to have a go at judging a class for us?


No qualifications required! Just a love of animals and an eye for a good photo.


We like to get to know our judges a little first and most begin by entering photos into our shows and progress from there. We like to know a little bit about your animal/pet background and why you would like to judge for us!


You will need to make an hour or so of time available in the 72 hours following the close of entries at the end of the month to judge the photos and compile a list of your top 10 winners to send to us.


We will add your name against the class you are judging both on our website and on our Facebook page.


ALL of our judges to date have said they really enjoyed their judging and many of them are judging again for us in future shows!


We are always looking for fresh pairs of eyes so please do get in touch!


Please email us at to discuss in more detail or send a private message to the Facebook page



Judges Guidance & Code of Conduct - A copy of the message that is sent to all of our judges prior to the start of judging each month.

  • Thank you for agreeing to judge a class (or 2!) in this month’s show.

  • There is strictly NO JUDGING before 7pm on 1st of each month. From 7pm you have 72 hours to choose your winners.

  • Please send your results to me here by reply when you have made your decisions. Some classes span several pages in each album so please make sure you look at all the pages for your class before deciding on your winners.

  • Please choose 1st – 10th place. Our exhibitors also really appreciate it if you could add a few words at the end to sum up your entries/winners!

  • Please do not place the same pet more than once in each class – sometimes the classes are huge and we want as many people as possible to walk away with a rosette.

  • You must not knowingly judge any photos submitted by your friends or family - should a friend or family member enter the class you have agreed to judge you must inform me immediately and a replacement judge will be found for your class.

  • You need to be impartial and objective in your judging. This means looking at the class title and basing your decisions on how closely you feel each photo represents that class title then placing it accordingly.

  • The albums are on the website under the tab marked ‘This Month’s Entries’

  • Please refresh your page before you begin to ensure you have the most up to date version otherwise new/late entries might not show up.

  • Have fun & enjoy your judging – Good Luck xx



Thank you for supporting us xx