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Paws Points Competition


* How would you like to collect points towards fantastic Rosettes, Sashes, Trophies or Prizes?


* How about if it’s at absolutely no additional cost to your normal Paws entries?


* We like the sound of that too!!


* For every paid entry (photo) you make into the current month’s show you will receive 1 point. For example: enter and pay for 10 photos, collect 10 points.


* For every place you are awarded in the current month’s show you will receive the following points:


* 1st 10 points   2nd 9 points   3rd 8 points   4th 7 points   5th 6 points   6th 5 points                 7th 4 points     8th 3 points    9th 2 points   10th 1 point


* Win Best in Show and you’ll be awarded an extra 5 bonus points. Win Reserve Best in Show and you’ll be awarded an extra 3 bonus points.


* There will be 3 award periods per year:


* 1st November 2016 – 28th February 2017.

* 1st March 2017 – 30th June 2017.

* 1st July 2017 – 31st October 2017.


* At the end of each award period the top three competitors with the most points will win a supersized Paws Points Competition rosette.


* The winner will also receive a champions sash, trophy or prize (this will vary for each award period)


* The rest of the top ten points scoring competitors will each receive a special Paws Points Competition rosette with their placing on it.


* These will be posted out to you at no extra cost.


* Points will then be zero’d and the next period will start.


* The current top 20 competitors will be updated on the website at the start of every month so you can keep track of where you are!


* Got any questions? Just ask!




Karen Baudrey 335                                   1st

Mandie Mayo 299                                      2nd

Emma Wood 289                                      3rd

Wendy Byrne 208                                     4th

Amanda Sims 193                                    5th

Wendy Smith 182                                     6th

Jet Lakey 181                                           7th

Laura McEwan 142                                   8th

Charlene Loughran 125                            9th

Sarah Blundell 118                                  10th

Ann Dijkstra 98                                        11th

Jessica Wilkins 89                                    12th

Rob & Tracy Cumming 89                       12th

Sam Helton 82                                        14th

Terri Hall 81                                             15th

Kerry Brown 80                                        16th

Briony Frith 77                                         17th

Pamela Binks 75                                     18th

Rosie Reid 72                                          19th

Sophie Woodcock 60                               20th

Nathalie Jackson 60                                20th

Vad Colam 60                                          20th