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Paws Points Competitions


The Paws Points individual competition is free to enter and you are automatically enrolled each month.

You collect points each month on every photo that has won a place in any class.


Points are awarded to the person named as the entrant of that photo.


These accumulate towards winning fantastic, super sized rosettes for the top 10 points scorers.


For every place you are awarded in the current months show you will receive the following points:

1st =10 points

2nd = 9 points  

3rd = 8 points  

4th = 7 points  

5th = 6 points  

6th = 5 points

7th = 4 points    

8th = 3 points    

9th = 2 points  

10th = 1 point


Win a Best in Show and you’ll be awarded an extra 5 bonus points.

Win a Reserve Best in Show and you’ll be awarded an extra 3 bonus points.

Win Show Champion and you’ll be awarded an extra 10 bonus points.


There will be 3 award periods per year:

2019 =

Feb - May

June - Sept

Oct - Jan '20



Points are totalled up each month & posted on the website for the top 10 so you can see where you are.


The rosettes will be posted out to you at no extra cost at the end of each award period.


Points will then be zero’d and the next period will start.


Got any questions? Please just ask!


Paws Points Individual League

Results after December's's Show for the

award period Oct - January 2020

Top 20

1st Jennifer Hunt 413

2nd Siobhan Clothier 251

3rd Karen Baudrey 248

4th Amanda Sims 194

5th Nicola Gamba 153

6th Alex Morgan 116

7th Donna Reynolds 111

8th Oksana Sirokina 107

9th Audrey Kennedy 106

10th Rachel Pope 92

11th Stacey Lauren 86

12th Alison Capper 85

12th Mandie Mayo 85

14th Rebecca Rose 83

15th Ann Dijkstra 82

16th Alison Murray 81

17th Karin Bateman 80

18th Clare Dingle 79

19th Rena Barrow 75

20th Zita Daniels 73










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