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June 2019 Schedule of Classes

Entries close at 7pm on Monday 1st July with judging

beginning at 7pm on Wednesday 3rd July



Rosettes are awarded for 1st – 10th in EVERY class. Where a class exceeds 30 entries (31 +) then 15 places & rosettes will be awarded (Unless otherwise stated for the class in the description)

4 x Best in Show. 4 x Reserve Best in Show. 1 x Show Champion will be awarded.

Prizes – Please see individual classes for prize details.

Class Credit - All classes will have 1 winner (Via a video draw) from the top 10 (15 where entries exceed 31) who will receive £5 class credit to use in July’s show.

Paws Loyalty Points Scheme – Collect loyalty points on entries made to redeem against free entries – see notes section on the Facebook page for full details.


We welcome Rainbow Bridge pets in all classes – we think it’s a wonderful way to honour their memory <3


Class Entry Fees:

Class 1 - 23 = £3

Class 24 = FREE with one paid entry any class (1 – 23)

Membership Fee: - £3 per show. This is a one-off fee each month towards postage, packaging, handling, rosettes etc. If you do not win any rosettes in the show your membership fee will be refunded in full so you have nothing to lose! Membership must be paid at the same time as your class entry fees & before any photos are uploaded & entered into the show.


Paws Points (Individual) – Points will be awarded for every placing obtained in June’s show – full details on the website. The current award period is from June – Sept.

Lucky Bones – One person will be chosen at random from all of June’s winners will receive a Lucky Bone in with their rosettes. The bone is worth 5 free entries into July’s show  

Edited Photos & Collages are not permitted in any class UNLESS specifically stated in the class description. Props are permitted in all classes as long as they are physically present at the time of the photo – full details are available in the notes section of the Paws for a Picture Facebook page –


Ring One

Class 1 Newcomers Cutest Pet – Sponsored by Wild Walks

(The winner will receive a £10 Pets at Home voucher

Open to pets who have not won ANY FIRST place in the previous 6 months with Paws for a Picture. Perfect class for new exhibitors as well as those who feel they ‘never win anything’! No theme – just send in the cutest photo of your pet that you have.

Judged by: The Wild Walks Team

Sponsored by: Wild Walks


Class 2 Most Alike (2 or more) – - Sponsored by Vix Wix With Sam

(The winner will receive a burner & melt)

Open to all animals. The photo should show 2 or more animals that you feel are alike.

Judged by: S Hambly

Sponsored by: Vix Wix With Sam


Class 3 Most Unalike (2 or more) – - Sponsored by TillyPops Toys

(The winner will receive a £10 voucher to spend in the range)

Open to all animals. The photo should show 2 or more animals that you feel are not alike – for example different breeds, different species etc.

Judged by: Tillypops Toys

Sponsored by: Tillypopstoys


Class 4 Game of Bones (Edit Class) Sponsored by CobbyDog

(The winner will receive a bag of CobbyDog Food)

Open to all animals. This is a photo edit class & open to your own interpretation of the class title. The photo should reflect a ‘Game of Thrones’ style image.

Judged by: Z Daniels

Sponsored by: Cobby Dog


Class 5 Best Ears – Sponsored by Piggy Painting Patch

The prize will be a digital portrait of the winner’s pet (actual image to be agreed between the winner & Piggy Panting Patch)

Open to all animals. The photo must clearly show the animals ears.

Judged by: The Piggy Painting Patch Team

Sponsored by: Piggy Painting Patch


Class 6 Calendar Shot for June Sponsored by Tillypops Boutique

(The winner will receive a £10 voucher for the range)

Open to all animals or a scenery shot. The photo should reflect the month of June that would be suitable for use in a Calendar.

Judged by: The Tillypops Boutique Team

Sponsored by: Tillypops Boutique


Best / Reserve in Show Ring One - This will be judged from all

1st place winners from classes 1 – 6


Ring Two

Class 7 Best Veteran – Sponsored by Angel’s Accessories

(The winner will receive toys/treats suitable for the winning animal)

Open to all animals. There is no minimum age limit for animals as some become veterans much sooner than others. Please state animals age in the photo when entering.

Judged by: Angel’s Accessories

Sponsored by: Angel’s Accessories


Class 8 Best Youngster (Under 18 months at the time of the photo) – Sponsored by Cut & Shut Crafts by Char Button

(The winner will receive a £15 voucher towards anything in the range)

Open to all animals that were 18 months of age or younger when the photo was taken. Please state animals age when entering.

Judged by Char Button & Family

Sponsored by: Cut & Shut Crafts by Char Button


Class 9 Cover Star - Sponsored by Cathy’s Creations

(The winner will receive a stunning fine art Giclee print of a drawing of the winner’s pet)

Open to all animals. The winning photo of this class will be used as our page cover photo for July.

Judged by: Cathy’s Creations

Sponsored by: Cathy’s Creations


Class 10 Kings & Queens of Summer - Sponsored by Bella & Duke - Completely Natural Dog Food Delivered to your Door

(The winner will receive a £25 voucher towards the cost of a 4kg box of food)

*Please note that you can only win this voucher once. If you win the class & have already received a voucher from this show before you may donate it to a friend!

Open to all animals. The judge will choose 5 Kings (Males) and 5 Queens (Females) in any order that they see fit. The photo should have a summer feel & the use of props to set the scene of Kings & Queens is permitted although not essential.

Where the class exceeds 31 entries then the judge will place the remaining 5 in any order they see fit.

Judged by: TBC

Sponsored by: Bella & Duke


Class 11 Bad Fur Day - Sponsored by Starfish Dog Collars

(The winner will receive a handmade collar or a braided bracelet if a collar is not appropriate)

Open to all animals. Let’s see those bad fur days that we all have now and again! Open to your own interpretation of the class title.

Judged by: Starfish Dog Collars

Sponsored by: Starfish Dog Collars


Class 12 Animals That Work – Sponsored by Ruth’s Handmade with Love

(The winner will receive a handmade keyring)

Open to all animals that have a job to do. For example Pets as Therapy, Guide dogs, Sheepdogs, Police dogs/Horses etc. The animal in the photo must be (or was) a working animal.

Judged by Ruth

Sponsored by: Ruth’s Handmade with Love


Best / Reserve in Show Ring Two - This will be judged from all

1st place winners from classes 7 – 12


Ring Three

Species Specific Rings – you can only enter each class with the animal specified in the class title.

The theme for all rings (13 – 17) is WIM-BALL-DON. The photo must show the animal with a ball (any ball!)


Class 13 Dogs Only – Sponsored by Shanzi Dogs UK

(The winner will receive a packet of dog treats (UK only) or 2 free entries into the next PFAP show)


Judged by: Shanzi Dogs UK

Sponsored by: Shanzi Dogs UK


Class 14 Cats Only - Sponsored by Parkers Pets

(The winner will receive a bespoke gift box of treats/toys/accessories to suit the winning pet)


Sponsored by: Parkers Pets

Judged by: Parkers Pets


Class 15 Horses Only - Sponsored by Tina Allen Equine Services

(Winner will receive a prize relevant to the animal that wins)


Judged by: T Allen

Sponsored by: Tina Allen Equine Services


Class 16 Small Furries Only – Sponsored by The Crafty Ferret Business

(The winner will receive a prize appropriate to the animal that wins)


Sponsored by: The Crafty Ferret Business

Judged by: T.B.C


Class 17 Any other animal not fitting into the above categories (i.e. birds, reptiles, amphibians, farm animals, wildlife etc.) – Sponsored by Jurola’s Handmade Gifts

(The winner will receive TBC)


Judged by: The Jurola’s Handmade Gifts Team

Sponsored by: Jurola’s Handmade Gifts


Best / Reserve in Show Ring Three - This will be judged from all

1st place winners from classes 13 – 17


Ring Four

Class 18 Parkour Tree - Sponsored by Poppydog Tails

(The winner will receive a handmade gift from the range)

Open to all animals. The photo must show the animal and a tree or trees (in it, under it, jumping it etc.)

Judged by: Poppy-Dog Tails Team

Sponsored by: Poppy-Dog Tails


Class 19 Animals in Nature - Sponsored by Rose Crafts, Gifts & Things

(The winner of this class will receive some treats & a toy)

Open to all animals. The photo should show your pets out & about in nature or wildlife in its natural habitat.

Judged by Sponsored by: Rose Crafts, Gifts & Things

Sponsored by Rose Crafts, Gifts & Things


Class 20 Best Behind Shot – Sponsored by Loki & Friends

(The winner will receive a personalised item or treats/toys)

Open to all animals. Simply stand behind your animal & take a photo!

Judged by: Loki & Friends

Sponsored by: Loki & Friends


Class 21 Best Friends - Sponsored by Bespoke Designs

(The winner will receive a prize suitable for the class & the winner)

Open to all animals. Open to your own interpretation of the class title. The photo may include you as well as your pet(s) if desired.

Sponsored by: Bespoke Designs

Judged by: Bespoke Designs


Class 22 Loved & Lost (In Memory of Lucie & Lillie) – Sponsored by Pets by Jess

(The winner will receive a digital pet portrait with A4 print or a custom log slice)

– Charity Class Raising Money for Home from Home Pet Rescue & Boarding

Last month I lost my beautiful old sheep – Lucie & Lillie – who were 15 years old & had been with me since they were 3 day old orphan lambs. This class is in their memory & every animal who is entered will received a rosette.

Only open to all animals that are no longer with us.

Judged by: Pets by Jess

Sponsored by: Pets by Jess

Insta – petsbyjess


Class 23 Happy Father’s Day - Sponsored by Posh Pooches Couture

(The winner will receive a lead & matching bow or a poo bag/treat holder set)

Father’s Day is on the 16th June so let’s celebrate all those super pet dads. Open to all animals to show them with their dads (human or biological)

Judged by: Posh Pooches Couture

Sponsored by: Posh Pooches Couture


Class 24 Free Class – Fun in the Sun - Sponsored by Paws Rosettes & Ribbons

Open to your own interpretation of the class title. Open to all animals.

Rosettes are awarded from 1st – 20th in this class regardless of entry numbers.

You must make a minimum of 1 paid entry into any class from 1 – 23 in order to be able to submit a photo into this class. Only one entry per person allowed. You cannot pay for extra entries into this class.

Judged by: Paws Rosettes & Ribbons

Sponsored by: Paws Rosettes & Ribbons


Best / Reserve in Show Ring Four - This will be judged from all

1st place winners from classes 18 – 24


Show Champion June 2019 will be judged from the

Best in Show winners from each ring (1 – 4)


Refer a Friend

  • Refer a friend to our show and when your friend enters and pays for a photo you get 1 free entry (for every friend you refer!!) into any class(es) of your choice (excluding any charity classes)

  • i.e refer 3 friends and when they enter & pay you receive 3 free entries!

  • Your friend must pay for their entries BEFORE you will receive your free one.

  • One free entry per friend NOT per photo.


Refer a Sponsor

  • Do you know of an animal related business that would like to sponsor a class in the show? Send them our details and if they sign up you will get a free entry into any class of your choice (excluding any charity classes)


Terms & Conditions of Entry - By entering the competition you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following:

  • Entries will be accepted up to & including the 1st July at 7pm

  • Judging will begin from 7pm on 3rd July 2019 (to allow for last minute entries to be uploaded and judges to familiarise themselves with their entries before judging begins)

  • NO photos will be uploaded and entered into the competition until full payment has been recieved.

  • Photos exceeding 3mb in size will be compressed in order to fit within each album.

  • You may enter the same photo in more than one class but each will be classed as a separate entry and must be paid for.

  • You may enter as many photos as you wish into each class (unless otherwise stated in the    class description) but each photo will be classed as a separate entry and must be paid for.

  • By entering the photo you agree that you are the owner of the animal (or have the owners permission to enter the animal) and that the photo is not subject to any copyright conditions.

  • Images that you have found on the Internet that do not belong to you are not eligble for entry. Such images will be removed from the competition & there will be NO refund of any entry fees paid.

  • All classes cost £3 per photo unless otherwise stated.

  • The judges decision is final. Exhibitors are NOT ALLOWED to contact Sponsors/Judges    directly unless claiming a prize. Any breach of this rule will result in that exhibitor being disqualified from the show & banned from future shows.

  • Once entries have been paid for & uploaded there will be no refund of any fees paid. In exceptional circumstances, and at the organisers discretion, a refund may be granted in cases such as a pet has passed away & the owner no longer wishes to participate in the show.  

  • The cost of postage for rosettes is included in your membership fee each month (£3) for the UK only (Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard) - if you are entering from overseas please contact us after you have won a rosette/prize for postage costs.

  • Class winners will need to pay the class sponsors directly for their prizes to be sent by recorded delivery. This protects both the sponsor & exhibitor. Please do not embarras your class sponsor by asking for 'normal' postage as you will be refused.

  • Paws for a Picture / Education Animals cannot be held liable for loss or damage to rosettes / prizes in the post.

  • If you would like your rosettes sent by recorded delivery then please contact us ASAP after you have won so we can collect your payment for the extra costs that will be incured.

  • No replacement rosettes or prizes will be sent in the event of them beng lost in the post UNLESS you have paid for recorded delivery


Entry into any show will be deemed

as acceptance of our terms & conditions