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Merry Christmas!!

December 2017 Schedule of Classes


Entries close at 7pm on Sunday 31st December with judging beginning

on Monday 1st January 2018!


December Deal – Pay for 10 entries & get a further 5 entries absolutely free!!


Entry Fees 

Class 1 - 17 = £3

Class 18 = FREE with one paid entry any class (1 – 17)


Rosettes are awarded for 1st – 10th in EVERY class. Where a class exceeds 30 entries (31 +) then 15 places & rosettes will be awarded.

3 x Best in Show. 3 x Reserve Best in Show. 1 x Show Champion will be awarded.


Prizes – Please see individual classes for prize details.


Amazon Vouchers - All classes will have 1 winner from the top 10 (15 where entries exceed 30) who will receive a £5 voucher.


Paws Points– Points will be awarded for every placing obtained in Novembers show – full details on the website.


Paws Obedience Challenge – Our monthly competition for dogs & equines with rosettes from 1st – 10th at every level.

December's tests are available from 15th Dec - 14th Jan 2018. Full entry details are available on the website



Ring One

Class 1 Newcomers Cutest Pet - Sponsored by Akira’s Keyrings

(Winner will receive a personalised keyring)

Open to animals who have not won ANY FIRST place in the previous 6 months with Paws for a Picture. Perfect class for new exhibitors as well as those who feel they ‘never win anything’! No theme – just send in the cutest photo of your pet that you have.

Judged by: The A K Team

Sponsored by: Akira's Keyrings


Class 2 – Cover Star – Sponsored by The Bandana Cabana

(The winner will receive a Xmas Bandana)

Open to all animals. The winning photo will be used as our Facebook page cover photo throughout January!  

Judged by: The Bandana Cabana Team

Sponsored by: The Bandana Cabana



Class 3  – Festive Fun & Frolics - Sponsored by Pawzitivly Cool Pets

(Winner to receive a matching collar & lead of their choice)

Show off your animals having fun over the festive period. Dressing up? Opening presents? Wrapping presents? Shopping? Open to your interpretation of the class title.

Judged by: The Pawzitivly Cool Pets Team

Sponsored by: Pawzitivly Cool Pets


Class 4 – Christmas Kisses - Sponsored by Beagle Ceramics

(The winner will receive a coaster)

Open to all animals showing some Xmas smooches between you and your pets or your pets with each other

Judged by: Beagle Ceramics Team

Sponsored by: Beagle Ceramics


Class 5 – Mistle-TOES – Sponsored by Furever Pet Services

(The winner will receive a £15 Pets at Home voucher)

Open to all animals. This class is a version of ‘best paws’ Photos to show paws, hooves, claws etc!

Judged by: The Furever Pet Services Team

Sponsored by: Furever Pet Services, Milton Keynes


Class 6  – Festive Felines (Cats only) – Sponsored by Snoopy’s Collars

(Winner will receive a beautiful cat collar)

Open to cats only & to your own interpretation of the class title. Anything Christmassy goes! Time to show off those Christmas Cats

Judged by: R Phillips

Sponsored by: Snoopy's Collars



Best & Reserve Best in Show will be judged from all 1st place winners from classes 1 - 6

Judged by:



Ring Two

Class 7 – Christmas Angels – Sponsored by Best Buddies Designs

(The winner will receive ceramic Xmas decoration with the winners Angel on it)

For the pets that are no longer with us. Open to all animals that have gained their angel wings.

Judged by: Best Buddies Design Team

Sponsored by: Best Buddies Designs


Class 8  - Winter Wonderland – Sponsored by Pawfectly Crafted Ltd.

(The winner will receive a personalised hiball glass)

Open to all animals including wildlife. To show a wintery scene. Open to your own interpretation of the class title.

Judged by: The Pawfectly Crafted Team

Sponsored by: Pawfectly Crafted Ltd


Class 9 – Freestyle Parkour – Sponsored by Tina Allen Equine Services

(Winner will receive a prize relevant to the animal that wins)

Open to all animals. You choose your own ‘Parkour’ this month! Some ideas may include Stood on a log, Sat in a tree, Under a table, On the sofa, In the car. Just state your parkour when entering.

Judged by: T Allen

Sponsored by: Tina Allen Equine Services



Class 10  – Rockin Around the Xmas Tree

Open to all animals. Photo to include your pet and a decorated Xmas tree!

You may submit an edited/photoshopped entry if you do not have a Xmas tree.

Judged by:

Sponsored by:


Class 11 – Most Handsome Elf

Males only. Open to all animals. No need to dress up (but you can if you want to) – just show off those handsome boys!

Judged by:

Sponsored by:


Class 12  – Secret Santa – Sponsored by Cobbydog

(The winner will receive a 3kg bag of Supreme Chunks)

This class is open to all animals and the ‘Secret Santa’ judge will simply decide which photo in the class he / she likes the look of best. No theme, just send your favourite photo of your animal and maybe it will be the judges favourite too! Only the animals name will be added to the photo (not the owners)

Judged by: It’s a Secret!!

Sponsored by: Cobbydog Food



Best & Reserve Best in Show will be judged from all 1st place winners from classes 7 - 12

Judged by:



Ring Three

Class 13  – Christmas Dinnertime – Sponsored by Countdown & Celebrate

(The winner will receive a personalised pet plaque)

Open to all animals to show them enjoying their Christmas dinners. Or having a practice run! As long as there’s food involved somewhere in the photo!

Judged by: The Countdown & Celebrate Team

Sponsored by: Countdown & Celebrate


Class 14  – Calendar Shot for December – Sponsored by Chants Art

(Winner will receive a fantastic drawing of their animal)

Open to all animals. A photo that would look good in a calendar representing December.

Open to your own interpretation of the class title. The photo doesn’t need to include an animal, can be scenery etc

Judged by: E Leslie

Sponsored by: Chants Art



Class 15 – Prettiest Fairy – Sponsored by Akiras Keyrings

Females only. Open to all animals. No need to dress up (but you can if you want to) – just show off those gorgeous girls!

Judged by: The A K Team

Sponsored by: Akira's Keyrings



Class 16  – Nativity Scene – Sponsored by Country Clips Dog Grooming, Kildress

(Winner will receive a prize relevant to the animal that wins)

Open to all animals. Photos may be a collage collection. To show your animals taking part in a nativity scene. Time to make costumes, scenery and have some fun recreating the meaning of Christmas! Shepherds? Wise men? Baby Jesus? Angels? Mary & Joseph? Use your imagination. Edited & photoshopped entries also welcome.

Judged by: C C D G Team

Sponsored by: Country Clips Dog Grooming


Class 17 – Charity Class - Christmas Crossbreeds – Sponsored by Harepath Hounds Dog Grooming, Seaton, Devon

(Winner will receive a prize relevant to the animal that wins)

Open to all animals that are a mix of breeds. Please state breeds (if known) when entering or simply Heinz 57 if not!

£2.50 of every entry fee paid for this class will be donated to December's chosen charity -  Please enter as many photos as you can into this class xx

Judged by: Harepath Hounds Team

Sponsored by: Harepath Hounds


Class 18 – Free Class – Make the Judge Go Aww

This class is free with any 1 paid entry into class 1 – 17. Only one free entry per person.

Open to animals. Open to your own interpretation of the class title

Judged by: P.R.R. Team

Sponsored by: Paws Rosettes & Ribbons



Best & Reserve Best in Show will be judged from all 1st place winners from classes 13 - 18

Judged by:




SHOW CHAMPION DECEMBER 2017 will be judged from the

3 x Best in Show Winners from rings 1, 2 & 3

Judged by:





Refer a Friend

Refer a friend to our show and when your friend enters and pays for a photo you get 1 free entry (for every friend you refer!!) into any class(es) of your choice (excluding any charity classes)

i.e refer 3 friends and when they enter & pay you receive 3 free entries!

Your friend must pay for their entries BEFORE you will receive your free one.

One free entry per friend NOT per photo.


Refer a Sponsor

Do you know of an animal related business that would like to sponsor a class in the show? Send them our details and if they sign up you will get a free entry into any class of your choice (excluding any charity classes)


Terms & Conditions of Entry - By entering the competition you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following:

  • Entries will be accepted up to & including the 31st December 2017 at 7pm.

  • Judging will begin from 7pm on 1st January 2018 (to allow for last minute entries to be uploaded and judges to familiarise themselves with their entries before judging begins)

  • NO photos will be uploaded and entered into the competition until full payment has been recieved.

  • Photos exceeding 1mb in size will be compressed in order to fit within each album.

  • You may enter the same photo in more than one class but each will be classed as a separate entry and must be paid for.

  • You may enter as many photos as you wish into each class (unless otherwise stated in the    class description) but each photo will be classed as a separate entry and must be paid for.

  • By entering the photo you agree that you are the owner of the animal (or have the owners permission to enter the animal) and that the photo is not subject to any copyright conditions.

  • Images that you have found on the Internet that do not belong to you are not eligble for entry. Such images will be removed from the competition & there will be NO refund of any entry fees paid.

  • All classes cost £3 per photo unless otherwise stated.

  • The judges decision is final.

  • The cost of postage is included in your entry fee for the UK only (Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard) - if you are entering from overseas please contact us after you have won a rosette/prize for postage costs.

  • Paws for a Picture / Education Animals cannot be held liable for loss or damage to rosettes / prizes in the post.

  • If you would like your rosette / prize sent by recorded delivery then please contact us ASAP after you have won so we can collect your payment for the extra costs that will be incured.

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